St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management to Host Analytics for Management and Economics Conference

St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management of HSE University – Saint Petersburg will host Analytics for Management and Economics Conference (AMEC). This event will take place from September to December 2020 and will be held entirely online. Angel Barajas, Chairman of the Program Committee and Head of the Finance Department of the St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, told what the conference participants can expect.

Analytics for Management and Economics Conference (AMEC) brings together students, researchers and experts in economics and management, as well as business practitioners. The conference aims to build a knowledge-led ecosystem and expand the boundaries of the international academic network. AMEC provides an opportunity for networking and exchange of experience. For young researchers, participation in the conference is a chance to gain valuable experience of communicating with outstanding professors and present their projects.
Last year, scientists from more than 20 countries took part in the conference - for example, Israel, France, Finland and Great Britain. Professors of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Yashey Yafe, Dean of the Brussels School of Economics and Management Bruno Van Pottelsberg, as well as Professor of Corporate Finance at IE Business School and Senior Advisor of the European Foundation for Management Development Julio Urgel spoke to the participants.
The program committee accepts applications for participation in AMEC 2020 until August 17 inclusive. More information about the conference can be found on the AMEC website.

Angel Barajas

Chairman of the AMEC 2020 Programme Committee

– Why is the university organizing the AMEC conference? Why is this event unique?

– The conference is open to faculty, graduate students, undergraduates and bachelors, as well as researchers who want to present their papers. This year, participation in the conference will be free of charge, but participants-speakers must complete the registration on the AMEC website.

– What topics will be discussed at AMEC this year?

–  Within the conference will be organized 10 sections in various areas of economics, management and business. Participants will be able to present papers on topics such as Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Markets, Data Analysis in the 4.0 Era, Global Sustainable Finance, Arts and Culture Management Analytics, and Transforming Business Models in Companies in Response to the challenges of the pandemic.
We organize some sections in cooperation with other educational institutions and centres. For example, the section 'Finance and Accounting' will be held in conjunction with the Finnish University of Vaasa, and the direction 'Advances in Business Intelligence' we will present in cooperation with the French Center for Marketing Analytics IESEG (ICMA).

– What speakers will present their reports?

– This year we expect the number of speakers and presentations to increase. This assumption is related to the new format: when the conference is online, it is easier for researchers from other countries to take part in it – there is no need to go somewhere and solve housing issues in another country.
Each section of AMEC 2020 is organized by scientists renowned in their scientific fields. We believe this will attract the attention of attendees with quality presentations. We hope that this year they will get acquainted with our event, and next year they will be able to participate in it again, but already offline. Then they will be able to walk around St. Petersburg and admire its cultural heritage.

– Until what date are applications for participation accepted?

The Programme Committee accepts applications until August 17. A sample application can be found on the conference information page.
More information about AMEC 2020, its sections and speakers is available on the event website. In addition, we post all news about the conference in the official AMEC community on Facebook.
If the participants have any questions, they can ask them by email